Archie Prentice is an artist based in London and Perthshire, working mainly in oil on canvas and board. His landscapes depict scenes both in his native Scotland and around the world.

Camber Sands December evening

Exhibition: Lauderdale House

Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, London N6 5HG

7 February to 4 March

Monday – Tuesday : 12pm to 4pm
Wednesday : 11am to 3pm
Thursday – Sunday : 12pm to 4pm

“There has been plenty of time since my first exhibition to accumulate work from Scotland, Cornwall and France, mostly finished in my studio beside the railway bridge between Chalk Farm and Primrose Hill. These paintings are figurative landscapes in oil on canvas and board. I started to work in oil when I retired over 10 years ago and studied part-time for two years at Central St Martins.

There I learned that my lifelong but very intermittent drawing and painting skills were painfully inadequate and I have had to work continuously from then on to meet this challenge of painting the scene.”


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