Archie Prentice was born in Scotland and grew up there and in Yorkshire. He has drawn and painted since childhood, studying art at school and attending weekend classes at Glasgow School of Art.

At the end of his medical career he took two years of day classes at Central St Martins in colour theory and oil painting techniques, in order to concentrate fully on painting. He has had several successful shows at Burgh House, Hampstead. His most recent show was at Lauderdale House, Highgate in January 2020.

Archie works from initial sketches in pencil, water colour, photographs and memory to create images mainly of landscapes. His aim is to create a feeling or an atmosphere of natural beauty in colour more than an accurate portrayal of the scene.

The final work is often figurative but can stray into quite abstract form, the form determined by the combination of the structure and the range of colour observed and translated, relying on the strength of emotional response to the scene.

Archie in his studio in Chalk Farm, London